My name is Robert Ogden. I have been preaching in the Mobile, AL area since January 2008. You can learn more about the congregation that I’m a member of and work with here.

My father, Alex Ogden, is a preacher in TN. My grandfather, Art Ogden, lived and worked as a preacher in KY as did my great-grandfather, Max Ogden. While no real pressure was put on me to choose this life, I decided in college that I wanted to preach as well. I graduated from Florida College with a BA in Biblical Literature in 2004. While there, I began speaking at various congregations – preaching my first lesson at Lutz, FL at the invitation of Dan Petty who was then the chairman of the bible department (and my boss!). I also spent the summers of ’02 and ’03 working with David Tant and the Roswell Church of Christ in Roswell, GA. It was then that I was introduced to the work in Jamaica (I’ve traveled there to help with the work five times in subsequent years). After college, I spent a year working with Tom Kinzel and the Vivion Rd Church of Christ in Kansas City, MO, and when that arrangement concluded, I moved to Clovis, NM to work on my own for the first time. I remained there for year before moving closer to family and into the Mobile area.

While I was at Florida College, Marty Pickup Jr. (who has since tragically passed away) urged young preachers to resist the urge to write a lot until they were well into their 30s. There are plenty of good reasons for this, and the advice has served me well and allowed me to focus my attention on bettering my understanding of Scripture, of the world, and of brethren rather than on building some sort of resume as a writer. That said, I am now in my mid-30s, and while I do not fancy myself an especially good writer, I do have things to say, so I will be using this site to express some of those things (much of what I write will find its way onto the West Mobile Church of Christ website instead).

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